About Us

Our food takes time. It is freshly prepared for you. Nothing boils in pots all day, so it may takes longer. No advance or pre-cooking, No heat lamps. Everything made fresh. Owner watches daily Our food is athentic style-we do not mix in Chinese/Korean style. We'deep brown" but do not deep fry.
Our employees and kitchens are clean. Restroom has hot water. we are always cleaning. No MSG added. No artificial spices, chemicals or additives. No margarine, No Sarch, No lard, No fat. Rice is " no-talc". Brown rice is short-grain. Mostly low salt, Mostley Low sugar 100% vegetable oil sweaweed is not cut w/fine-chopped cucumber. Soy sauces is pure, not diluted. Shusi never made by machine. Food may be warmed but never cooked in a microwave. Food never cooked in plastic wrap or containers. No pink coloring in shusi ginger, it is naturally pale. No artificial color or FDA dye in our fish. Low oil Tempura cooked in unhydrogenated Soybean oil. No partially hydrogenatated oil. No Trans-fat. No Cholesterol. Entrees are cooked Beef is very lean. Chicken is cleaned by us. Fish is freshly scaled by us. Never serve endagered species. Salads triple-wahed. Salad dressing is our own recipe, blended by us.
We can not be perfect, but we keep trying. Not a chain, we have deep roots in Jackson Hights.